Carmela Fazzino-Farah has worked in K-12 educational publishing for over twenty years. She is passionate about making students’ and teachers’ lives easier and as successful as possible with the educational products she has helped create over the course of her career. With an M.A. in Spanish Literature and Culture as well as a B.A. in Romance Languages, Carmela’s passion for language and culture has been a part of who she is from a very young age. Having learned English in school, Carmela’s experience as a bilingual student has given her an appreciation for the different ways children learn and to appreciate the fact that differences in language and culture can be harnessed to help create positive change. Creating positive change is what has drawn Carmela to The Business of Doing Good, a program that not only teaches kids to change the world, but that instills in them the very idea that change can start with them. As a mother of two school-aged children, Carmela’s passion and commitment to help empower kids is as much personal as it is professional

Patricia King is a marketer and strategic planner with experience in Fortune 500 for-profit corporations, non-profit organizations, and start-ups. With broad experience across a range of industries, from iconic consumer brands, architectural building products to arts and cultural organizations, she has contributed to bringing lots of products and services to the marketplace.  Patricia is interested in The Business of Doing Good because it teaches kids how to be entrepreneurs for social good at an early age. “I love those special moments when great ideas are born and then working to bring those ideas to fruition. The Business of Doing Good is a fabulous program that curates the experience for kids to become change agents for a better world.”  

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Elaine Larson is an instructional designer at the National Geographic Society, where she manages a portfolio of projects and resources available to learners of all ages on the website. Her career experiences have included management in educational content development, public broadcasting, health care, and adult education in a variety of venues. Education has been her lifelong passion, and she is an advocate for initiatives that engage kids' innate creative spirit. Elaine’s interest in The Business of Doing Good stems from her desire to see young people develop the skills and attitudes of an explorer—skills and attitudes they need to be productive citizens in our interconnected world.

Jennifer Beebe Poulos is a counselor at McCall Elementary School in Philadelphia.  She has worked in the Philadelphia School District for nine years after receiving her BFA in Media Arts (Photography) and Art Psychotherapy.  She also has a MEd in Counseling Psychology.  She loves the energy and vibrancy of children.  Her passion is working with local families and providing resources that enhance child development, while supporting positive self-esteem.
Jen is interested in The Business of Doing Good because the program gives kids the opportunity to build character and grit.  She says that "while parents often want to know the IQ of their children, it is determination coupled with hard work that distinguishes one child from another. This program exposes kids to some amazing people and helps develop those qualities."

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Andrew Yankowitz brings 40 years of camping experience to his position as Director of Tall Pines Day Camp. In addition, Andrew has been a speaker at the Tri-State Camping Conference -- the largest conference in the world -- since 1995. In 2009, Andrew received the Howard Patton Award -- the highest honor given to an individual in the American Camp Association, New Jersey Section -- who epitomizes the spirit of organized camp leadership and whose work has greatly benefited youth and the camp profession.