Here are some of the kids who are participating in our program and striving to change the world:


Keziah is the Founder and CEO of Gear for Games. Gear for Games focuses on helping young, inner city athletes who cannot pay for equipment and other sport related expenses. Her goal is to give them a chance to play! Keziah brings up two pressing statistics: “More than 70% of kids quit their sport by the age of 13” and “Only .7% of kids receive sport related college scholarships.” Keziah relates these statistics to how receiving equipment and funds motivates kids to do well. She prepares to connect with sport corporations and other individuals involved in athletics to who have access to the resources her business needs. Go Keziah!


Lucas is the Founder and CEO of Dinner in Five. Dinner in Five is geared towards parents who aren’t able to cook wholesome dinners for the kids after a long day at work. Did you know that in America over one third of kids have fast food everyday? Lucas wants to combat this by providing meal boxes that contain five ingredients, easy to cook and healthy for everyone! Lucas also wishes to embark on a one to one partnership with food pantries: for every box he sells, he donates one as well. His next step is to figure out how to source his ingredients and finding customers. Go Lucas!


Adrian is the CEO of Inner Art. His main concern is the current state of our oceans and he plans to combat this through art! Did you know 45% of US streams and 47% of US lakes are polluted? With the help of a nonprofit called Teach for America, Adrian plans to recruit their students to help him with his project. He will generate money through pop up art shows and selling art to those who care about water pollution and art! Go Adrian!