Michelle Julet, Founder, has worked throughout the world developing educational materials and business opportunities for National Geographic Learning and other organizations. She has years of executive leadership experience in educational technology at both large corporations and start-ups.  

Michelle was profoundly affected by kids she has seen -- some from very poor backgrounds -- who place a high value on education and strive to learn, despite their meager surroundings.  On the other hand, she has been amazed at the educational and entrepreneurial opportunities that cutting-edge technology affords.  

She considers herself fortunate to have met many people who have made it their job to change the world -- from the youngest person to fly solo around the world, to a man who photographs animals on the verge of extinction, to people building homes in Africa and creating foster care for pets.    Each one can identify the moment in their life when they found their passion - usually from meeting someone who inspired them and made them feel like they could do it.   What consistently struck her is how great a role determination and grit play in achieving success, especially in a global economy.  

Her experiences -- and being a mother -- led her to start The Business of Doing Good:  “I wanted to instill in my daughter the hunger of entrepreneurship – in the context of social issues and helping save the world – and solve problems in a global economy. I wanted her to have the privilege of knowing entrepreneurs who are changing the world, and to feel empowered to be an entrepreneur herself.  I could not find a program for her, so I created The Business of Doing Good for her and the many other kids like her.”

Tim Julet, Co-Founder, is an educational technology and publishing professional with experience in content development, acquisitions, and sales. Tim has worked for major companies such as McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Taylor & Francis, and Staywell.  His mission has been to help teachers teach and students learn by developing meaningful and useful digital products, content, and books.  He co-founded The Business of Doing Good because it helps kids think creatively and strategically, and market themselves and their ideas – while doing good things for the world.

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Roccie Hill, Board Member, is a nonprofit leadership professional with over 25 years of experience in executive and fundraising management. She is past Chair of the California Association of Nonprofits Policy Council, and is an internationally recognized fundraiser. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  She has worked with large and small nonprofits in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Indonesia. She served as an Executive Director for over 15 years at the Housing Trust of Santa Clara County, Earth Share of California and the LSB Leakey Foundation.

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Meaghan Sloup, Curriculum Developer, taught middle and high school social studies for ten years, gaining valuable classroom experience and strengthening her passion for education.  She now works freelance for a number of educational publishing companies, creating products for classroom use and writing curriculum.  Meaghan is currently working toward a Masters in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and designs the curriculum for our program.  Her published work includes Activities for Current Events and “Farce”book Activities Booklet. (2014 Teacher’s Discovery)  She strongly believes in the mission of our work and is thrilled to be a part of The Business of Doing Good!